Lexington Learns Together 2016 Blogging Presentation: Lexington, Massachusetts

You’re a Blogger: Yes, You Are!
Lexington Learns Together 2016 Presentation: Lexington, Massachusetts
Presented By: Thomas Martellone

You’re A Blogger: Yes, You Are!
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Blogging Sites to Choose From (Link)

My Favorite Blogging Site:
WordPress (Link)

Sample Blogs to Inspire:
The Food Charlatan (Cooking Blog)
Fred Ende Blog (#blog365 Blogger)
The Principal of Change (Education Blog)
Owned By Pugs (Pug Blog)
Be My Travel Muse Blog (Travel Blog)
Positive Thinking 365 (Blogging Project)
MESPA (Organization Website/Blog)
A Principal’s Thoughts (Education Blog)
Thomas Martellone (Digital Portfolio)

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